Zwanenberg Food Group USA is a proud subsidiary of the Holland based Zwanenberg Food Group; a privately held food organization with 12 production facilities located in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The group, which was originally founded in 1875 in the Netherlands, sells its products under various successful international brands. Zwanenberg also supplies a great number of well-known private labels.

As an international leader in the processed foods business, Zwanenberg Food Group brands have become synonymous with innovation and best-in-class quality. Here in the USA, we maintain our strong tradition of producing quality canned meat products with a sharp focus on developing products that satisfy the emerging needs of consumers.

Our comprehensive product lines include premium cooked ham, chili, luncheon meat, soups, stew, corned beef hash and pastas, among others. Zwanenberg’s family of products offers convenient meal solutions that can be enjoyed any time of day for any occasion.

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