Zwanenberg Food Group in Cincinnati, Ohio produces Halal products under the supervision of Islamic Services of America. We value our relationship with Islamic Services and they have been supportive through inspecting our facility and verifying our practices. But, most importantly, they provide us access to supplies of meat that have been slaughtered under the strict interpretations of Halal that they advocate.

In the meat processing industry, meat from animals such as cows, veal, lamb, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, game birds, bison and venison are considered Halal, but they must be slaughtered according to Islamic laws in order for their meat to be suitable for consumption. Like most processed meat facilities, we do not slaughter animals on site at our processing facility and buy in the meat we use to produce our Halal products. While we leave nothing to chance in our facility, it is reassuring to know that the supply chain we choose to work with has also recognized the seriousness of collaborating with a strict and knowledgeable certification service such as Islamic Services.

Above and beyond all requirements, Zwanenberg maintains a positive release program for all Halal products and runs a species identification check on finished products from each production run. This process insures that there is no trace of forbidden species within our products.

We are proud to offer our Halal distributors the use of the seals of Islamic Services on their labels. The Halal consumer can know that the product they are considering for purchase in the market has been produced by a company that respects their beliefs and takes great care to provide a product prepared with that responsibility foremost in mind.