Zwanenberg Food Group considers it a good thing that increasingly stringent requirements are being demanded of the production of food products around the world; not only in the area of food safety, animal-friendliness and the environment, but also in terms of labor conditions and sound governance. In this way businesses are being encouraged to operate in a professional and socially responsible manner. What’s more, it creates a ‘level playing field’ in which there is room for excellence and innovation.

  • Health and wellness:
    Consumers are entitled to honest and healthy products which fit into the ‘Food Guide
    Pyramid’ and which are produced in a sustainable way with high-quality ingredients.
  • Animal welfare:
    animal welfare is high on the agenda for us and our suppliers.
  • Supply chain management:
    Zwanenberg wishes to promote sustainability in all links in the chain.
  • Climate and the environment:
    Zwanenberg conducts an active policy to reduce CO2 emissions from its factories.
  • Social accountability:
    Zwanenberg conducts a pro-active CSR policy and accounts for its actions.
  • Ethical trading:
    the integrity of our staff and business partners is of crucial importance,
    both in the Netherlands and elsewhere.
  • Sustainable profit:
    making a profit is a necessary condition to be able to continue to invest in innovative
    processes and products, and therefore a precondition for the continuity of
    our business.